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Orange Lemur photography - wedding photography

brak zdjęcia When you look at photos taken many years before, what occasion do they usually show? A wedding of course? No wedding can be truly complete without a skilled photographer. If you are looking for an Edinburgh wedding photographer, look no further! Jan and Joanna are a wife and husband team, which really makes them perfectly suited to work at this type of occasion! Each of them is a talented Edinburgh wedding photographer. They are based in Scotland, but have worked in many different places all over the United Kingdoms. The quality of their work is proven by many testimonials. They are very talented and good-natured, so you definitely will not have any problems working with - quite on the contrary, we are sure that you will remember it very fondly! They are very energetic and happy to travel anywhere! They have shot already over two hundred weddings, so they definitely have a lot of experience. This makes them wedding photographers you can really trust.

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