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ikea sofa bed cover Soferia is a company that is a fruit of passion evinced towards Ijea Brand. The creators of the aforementioned company are enthusiasts of furniture, especially those manufactured by Ikea. The idea of interchangeable sofa slipcovers has them inspired to establish a business where literally everyone can purchase Ikea sofa bed cover that suits his or her needs perfectly. Customers can benefit from a wide selection of available colours and fabrics. Thus, each client gains the unique possibility to order such an Ikea sofa bed cover which mirrors his or her personality. Besides, each slip cover provided by Soferia beams with an individual look that is a precious complement of virtually every interior design. Furthermore, the above-mentioned products are designed for a vast majority of Ikea armchairs and sofas. The broad portfolio of Soferia includes slipcovers for the most popular Ektorp and Klippan sofas, appreciating simultaneously the charm of the models that are discontinued, like for instance Tomelilla series.

2018-01-09 | Kategoria: PR